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Some musiccc
Did anyone of you heard about xxxtentacion? That guy is an upcoming rapper, was underground for about 2-3 years(still is?), but he is blewing up, his songs are becoming so popular.. Maybe you already heard 'Look at me' song from him, i just want to recommend him to you if you are a hypebeast, it boost mood for workout, tryharding et, feel free to bandwagon his songs, oh, his words are vulgar, a bit! ??
When i listened him for the first time afther you suggested, i felt the way its difference. That's what makes it amazing. I want to be a gangsta now. Hell yeah.
Yeah, his songs make me steal from myself, like a truest gangsta, amazing! Haha
Virtual weed bro. Just got stoned. HAHAHAHAH
I've heard about XXXtentaticion because of all the drama surrounding him, but as far as underground rap goes I prefer Ghostemane, Pouya, Bones, Xavier Wulf and $uicideboy$.
Whoa i never hear about these guys, gonna check.
Ghostemane and Bones are metalheads and that can be noticed in many of their songs, as they sometimes include unclean vocals (screaming) and metal samples. Ghoste focuses on the occult, whilst Bones on himself.
$uicideboy$ are usually about suicide (what a surprise ahah) and depression, a theme also explored by Pouya, alongside anxiety. Xavier Wulf is all about rolling backwoods and smoking weed.
The themes are diversified and dark. That's why I like underground rap/hip-hop way more than mainstream, which is almost always the exact same thing (money and hoes).
Is there anything can be considered as optimistic. Bro? haha Big Grin
Sure thing. This one, for example, is pretty chill. I make sure to have it on my playlist when I have plenty of hash to smoke. Big Grin
Pretty cool tune, i liked. Added to my playlist.
Edit: Playing on the loop now Big Grin

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