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Make a few cents daily by just clicking ads
If you've been on the internet for quite some time you have probably heard of PTC - pay to click. It's sites that you sign up and then click on ads, giving you usually around 0,001€ per click, which is not much, but after some days it does start to stack up. Many years ago I started using Neobux, which is one of the most popular and trusted PTC sites (you can search on Google for reviews of it; people actually get paid).

No, you won't easily get rich with this or start making lots of money (oh, how awesome it would be to earn paychecks by just sitting in front of your PC clicking Sleepy ), but at least you'll start making a few cents and if you get a routine, you can turn these cents into a few euros and then withdraw you either your PayPal, Payza or Skrill. There's also a thing called AdPrize, where you view ads and might get a money or gold membership prize.

This is no scam and you will not spend any money on this website (unless you want to buy gold membership, but you don't need that in order to make a few cents). Give it a try, because, well, why not? Wink

[Image: VzDJffR.gif]
It won't work. They(site owner(s) earn, you get nothing. If you want to earn a few cents on this kind of sites, you should spend too much time on it. Time is important bro. Just saying.
Of course the site owners earn a lot and us users only a few cents. That's why it's hard in the beginning and needs a lot of patience to get 2$, which is the minimum to withdraw to PayPal. However, after some days of earning by yourself, the best to do is invest in rented referrals which will click for you, and then renew them (this is all done in the website).
Only after investing in referrals is that anyone should withdraw money to actually have some profit.
Basically, it's something that requires work and patience, but at least it's free (the investments can be done with money earned from your click) and an activity to do when you're bored. Big Grin
Why spending too much time to get $2 on a site like this, while you can earn it with some other logical way. Anyway, good luck on it.
Other logical way is getting a real job. Big Grin
It's just an activity to do on free time. Instead of jacking off, stare randomly at YouTube videos or scroll Facebook, why not click on ads? It's still free time but actually spent earning stuff. Better than nothing, that's why I do it. ^^
If I could spend the time clicking on ads actually working on a real job and getting money from there I would. Actually, I'll probably still click on ads when I have a job. On long-term, the extra online earnings can be used to buy me coffee or weed. Tongue

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