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Hoca's Application
1- Real name: Can
2- In-game nickname: SeanHoca
3- Age: 18
4- Country & Nationality: Turkey
5- Languages: Turkish, English
6- How good is your English : Around B1 and B2
7- USGN ID : 18471
8- USGN name: SeanHoca
9- Social media accounts: @bowmanhoca
10- How long you've been a Kgb2d community forum member: 1.5 years?
11- What do you do best in CS2D: Nothing in particular to be honest.
12- Have you ever moderated a CS2D server before? Yes but only couple of small servers.
13- What can you do beside moderating community CS2D servers: I can help with moderating the forum and discord server.
14- Since when do you play CS2D: 2010
15- More informations about you: I'm a chill dude. I'm not active like before thanks to my last year in school. Thats it. Smile
16- Why you want to join the moderation team: I think I can be helpful to you guys.
17- Did you join any other clans/communities before: Yes.
18- How many hours you will be active in a day: 1-2 hours.
19- What is your timezone: UTC+03:00
20- Do you have an invitation: I think I do...
21- If you have an invitation then who sent it: BcY
22- (6x9)+6: 60
23- Do you read and accept the rules? : I do.
First, welcome!
Second, would love to see you in moderation team.
And would love to see you bringing your friends to play and to register on forum.

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