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Half-Life: They Hunger
A zombie apocalypse mod, released in 1999 with the name "They Hunger" whose plot begins in certain villages and in towns, infested by a major nest of infected humans including even crabs! Is a very acclaimed mod and I am a big fan of this.

I've played it like a couple of times and the atmosphere isn't so scary at all, unless you have never played it or you're very sensitive/emotional on gore/horror stuff but I can assure you it was a great experience! I have even on my pretty old computer with Windows XP on it!  Wink

It's been like a couple of months that I stopped playing on it again, old days were a great time. Here's the link of their main page for those who've never heard of it.
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Everything included zombies can attract my attention easily. I remember i saw "They Hunger" named maps in Sven Coop but never played, i don't even know if it's same like the maps that exist in the mod. Anyway, i'm really excited to try the mod.
AFAIK, they are and were always the same. Usually Sven Coop devs borrow the maps from other single player modifications of Half-Life without doing any further changing.

Oh, and apparently, I've heard of They Hunger for the first time when I played a few of the maps in Sven Coop. Forgot to mention that. The mod itself is a bit large since it's a kind of mod trilogy. The first episode begins when the protagonist gets injured by a lightning strike, whilst the second episode continues in a penitentiary and the last one in a community hospital of Rockwell.

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