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ZM Update Notes: September 2,2018
Ok New countdown system.
Dot The game will not start until there are 3 survivors.

Ok Zombie selection rate + musics.
Dot Player count / 4 = Amount of the selected zombies.
Dot 4 new zombie selection announcement musics.

Ok Endround musics & Images are completely changed.
Dot  5 for "Humans Win", 3 for "Zombies Win".
Dot  "Humans Win" and "Zombies Win" images.

Not Ok Knockback system has been removed for zombies.
Dot Instead of getitng knocked back, zombies will slow down when they get hit.

Ok Explosive Snowballs will be usable only by Zombies from now.

Ok New 3d sound system is being used for deaths&infections&getting damage(pain).

Ok Performance optimizations.
[Image: drive10.gif]

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